Godstime Promise - Jesus Is The Way (Single)
Anointed Gospel Minister of God Godstime Promise , is a Lagos, Nigeria based Praise and Worship Leader and Multi-instrumentalist, a singer, song writer, born into the family of late Sir. Obinna Obinnakwere. on(22-05-1994) a member of Redeemd Christian Church of God, also belongs to the RCCG Pastors' Seeds. Family. Born Promise Obinna, the acclaimed Gospel music minister who hails from Imo State released his debut album, â??Be Glorified'. Promise Obinna popularly known as Godstime Promise, a well- cherished and talented Gospel musician. By the special grace of God,. he so much love music to the extent that it has been his hobby. It has been his deliberate desire to be a musician with a well-known identity. He started music at a very tender age, when he was just an ordinary musician not even a musician but just a singer in the house of God. He was a chorister then , and discovered that he is moving forward to achieve his goals. With time, he joined a music group, where he was trained and enlightened. This group enabled him to know more about music. It is with the help of this group that he was able to start as a petty musician. When he started as a petty musician it wasn't easy but by the special grace of God he was able to overcome the fear and difficulties he faced during the period. He never loss hope because he knew that he is heading to a greater height. God has been showing him his blessings and protection from any form of arrow projected against him. He left the music group in the year 2013 and started music as his personal occupation. He was visiting Churches singing for them and show-casing his God's given talent. He released his first track titled 'Hear My Cry' which he realized a reasonable amount and this gave him the confidence to stand firm in what he believed in. By God's grace, he has released some interesting and fascinating tracks which are so nice and motivating to listsners. (Be Glorified Album)

Jesus Is The Way 06:14₦100.00