The Minstrels User Guide/FAQs

  1. What is The Minstrels?

The Minstrels is a one-stop platform for warehousing and distribution of top quality Gospel music. It seeks to provide quick access, via web and mobile, to gospel music content and up-to-date information and news about Gospel artists.

The platform also eliminate the use of conventional means of music distribution, and help tackle piracy, thereby helping promote the works of our local and international gospel music ministers.

  1. How do I Subscribe to the Minstrels Platform?

First, download the Minstrels app on GooglePlay Store or Apple Store. Then run the app by tapping the Minstrels icon.

If you have already subscribed before, just enter your email or mobile number you used in registering, then your password.

  1. What do I get as a Subscriber?

The benefits are immense. This is not just a music platform. It is a community of worshippers – who desire to bring down the presence of God in their everyday lives.

You have unparalleled access to the widest range of purely Gospel content - not found in any music platform – music, videos, live streaming, live chats with Gospel artists, messaging, etc. This also gives you access to exclusive content and releases from the Minstrels as they happen.

The platform allows you to pay for purchases directly from your bank account or with your debit card.  You can also give songs or albums to loved ones as gifts on special occasions.

  1. How do I Purchase Songs and Videos on the App?

At the home screen, on the Featured Ministers tab, select the Gospel artist of your choice. Tap on the Album art you desire to purchase. You have the option of buying an entire album or a particular song or songs.

  1. How Do I Pay for Songs and videos on the Minstrels?

Paying for your purchases are easy. You can pay directly from your bank account or your debit card.

Every time you select a song or album you intend to purchase, it is sent to My Cart.

  1. Where Do I See my Purchased Content?

All downloaded songs and videos will appear on My Purchases tab on the Home screen.

If you don’t see your downloads in a few seconds, please refresh your app by logging out and logging in again. You current purchases will be displayed on My Purchases tab

  1. Do I have access to the songs I download on other apps?

No. You can only listen to downloaded songs or videos using the Minstrels app.

  1. Are there Free Content on the Minstrels platform?

Yes. From time to time, some contents are uploaded for free downloads by the Minstrels

  1. Do I get notified for Every Transaction?

Yes. You will get an instant flash notification and also a confirmation SMS after each transaction.

  1. What shall I do if I forgot my Log-in Details?

At the log-in screen, select “Recover Password.”  You received an email stating how to reset your log-in details.

  1. What happens if I lose my mobile phone?

Once you log-in with your details on another mobile phone, you will still access to your purchased content. There will be no need to make purchases again.

Please note, you are allowed to access your Minstrels account and content from only three devices.

  1. How do I contact the Minstrels support services?

Email: or

Tel: +234-1-7101060

Instagram: @theminstrels

Twitter  @theminstrels

Facebook: The Minstrels